Phosphate Ester Fluids
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Superior Corrosion Inhibition with Phosphate Ester Fluids


You have a number of choices when it comes to additives for your industrial fluids, but choosing one can be a challenge. Phosphate esters offer exceptional control of your working conditions, providing outstanding benefits in terms of corrosion inhibition and stability. The team at Italmach Chemicals offers an outstanding range of phosphate ester fluids available for any application. We work with you to determine your needs, providing comprehensive support at every step of the process in order to increase efficiency in your workflows.



Phosphate Ester Uses and Benefits


A phosphate ester hydraulic fluid offers you precision control over all of your applications. In addition to creating a boundary that prevents corrosion from occurring, phosphate esters are also extremely stable at a range of temperature and pressure conditions, and boast superior fire resistance, making them highly suitable for industries such as aviation. At Italmach Chemicals, we have engineered an outstanding range of phosphate ester corrosion inhibitor options that can be combined with other additives to offer highly stable fluids that power your applications to prevent wear, increase efficiency and reduce maintenance needs.



Find Out More About Our Phosphate Ester Corrosion Inhibitor Options Today


For more control over your industrial applications, nothing beats the benefits and versatility of the phosphate ester fluids offered by the team at Italmach Chemicals. To find out more about our range of phosphate ester corrosion inhibitor options, contact our helpful team today by calling us at (800) 321-0467.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. How does phosphate ester corrosion inhibitor work?


Ans. Corrosion is caused by contact of metal with water or oxygen, and can lead to degradation of your materials. Phosphate esters such as orthophosphate react with metal, forming an insoluble solid that reduces the risk of corrosion.



Q. What are the advantages of phosphate ester fluids?


Ans. There are many benefits of phosphate ester fluids in a range of industrial applications. In addition to being extremely fire resistant, phosphate ester fluids have superior stability, low volatility, can be used in a range of temperature conditions, and provide your application with a strong boundary.



Q. Why use a phosphate ester corrosion inhibitor?


Ans. The main use of a phosphate ester fluid is to prevent corrosion, as this process can cause significant damage to the components of your equipment. However, phosphate ester corrosion inhibitors can also provide an extremely hardy fluid that can withstand a range of extreme conditions.

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