Friction Modifier Additive
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Extend the Lifespan of Your Equipment with Friction Modifier Additives


When your equipment has a lot of moving parts, it is crucial that you protect all surfaces in order to extend the lifespan of your important assets while ensuring that they are always working at peak performance. Friction modifiers are an extremely important part of your industrial fluids, ensuring that you reduce wear while increasing efficiency. Italmach Chemicals is your trusted manufacturer of a range of premium friction modifier additives designed to offer superior characteristics to your workflows. We work with you to determine the right type of additive that caters to your specific application.



What Are the Friction Modifier Uses?


At Italmach Chemicals, we highly recommend friction modifiers as additives in your lubricants for any equipment that has a lot of moving parts in close proximity. Without friction modifier additives, any surfaces that come into contact will suffer extreme wear, while reducing efficiency of your equipment. Our friction modifiers are designed for long lasting use, creating a boundary that enhances your applications. Our range is able to be used under extreme pressure and in a range of temperature conditions, offering exceptional versatility for whatever you need to do.



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If you are looking for outstanding performance for your industrial applications, friction modifiers created by the team at Italmach Chemicals offer the perfect solution. To find out more about our range of friction modifier additives, contact our team today by calling us at (800) 321-0467.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. What is a friction modifier additive?


Ans. Friction modifiers are additives that are used to reduce the effects of wear when two surfaces come into contact frequently as part of an industrial application. These types of additives create a boundary that prevents wear due to rolling, sliding and other forces by changing the coefficient of friction.



Q. How does a friction modifier work?


Ans. Friction modifiers are molecules containing a polar head that attaches to a metal surface, and a nonpolar tail that provides a cushion between two surfaces. This creates a surface that coats your metal components, protecting them when they come into contact with other surfaces as your equipment moves.



Q. How much friction modifier should I use?


Ans. Each friction modifier is formulated differently, so it is important that you check the specification sheet for each product in order to determine how much to use in your application.

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