Lubricating Grease Additives
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Premium Lubricating Grease Additives


Grease is an important aspect of your workflows, ensuring that your machinery and equipment have the ability to perform under a range of conditions with ease. In addition to the type of grease that you use for your processes, it is crucial that you use the right grease additives in order to create the optimum conditions that support your applications. Italmach Chemicals is your trusted provider of lubricating grease additives that provide optimized performance, creating the ideal conditions in which your work can flourish. Rather than a one size fits all approach, we carefully fine tune each of our grease additives to cater to your specific needs.


When it comes to grease additives, nothing beats the knowledge and expertise of the team at Italmach Chemicals. We have almost a century of experience in assisting our customers with all of their lubricating needs. No matter the industry you work within, our high quality grease additives are the smart choice, providing precision and accuracy as well as a host of other benefits that support your work. We work with you to determine the right lubricating grease additives specific to your intended application.


Grease Additives: Uses and Benefits


All greases and lubricants are built using a base stock that provides the foundational lubrication that is required for a range of operations. However, you may wish to change the characteristics of the base stock, so that your grease can perform at optimal levels under different operating conditions. Grease additives change the characteristics of your grease, making it more suitable for situations such as operation under high pressure or heat, and making it more robust towards wear and tear.


Grease additives can also help you in overcoming characteristics of the base stock that are not desirable to your application. For instance, you may wish to increase viscosity, or impart other characteristics onto your base grease such as anti-wear and the ability to perform under high pressure. In fact, you are not limited to using just one additive, and can mix and match to create a formulation that is specific to your unique needs.



Frequently Asked Questions


What are the additives used in grease?


There are a wide range of additives used in grease to impart specific characteristics that enhance the way that you work. For instance, the most common grease additives are those that confer anti-wear and anti-rust properties, and allow them to work under extreme pressure.



What is the importance of grease additives?


Grease additives are extremely important, because grease itself is not a one size fits all tool. Grease additives allow you to carefully customize your grease in order to perform in the specific situations in which you will use it.

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