Dapraphos Metalworking Fluids

Dapraphos® Metalworking Fluids

Dapraphos PRODUCT
E 670 (formerly named Elco® 670)
Chlorine replacement
PE 400 (formerly named Dapral® C 4)
Designed for those applications which require low levels of EP performance. Soluble in most mineral and vegetable oils.
Metal Cutting / Forming
Soft paste phosphate ester at room temperature, which can replace PE 2110 in a wide variety of applications, especially effective on aluminum.
C8 – C10 alcohol phosphate ester primarily used in the Oilfield industry.
PE 2550 (formerly named Polartech® PE 2550)
Low foam polymeric ester. Specifcally designed for hard metal machining such as titanium.
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