Dapraphos Metalworking Fluids

Dapraphos® Metalworking Fluids

Dapraphos PRODUCT
E 670 (formerly named Elco® 670)
Chlorine replacement
A trialkyl phosphit ester used in rolling oils
PE 400 (formerly named Dapral® C 4)
Designed for those applications which require low levels of EP performance. Soluble in most mineral and vegetable oils.
Applications Soluble in naphthenic, paraffinic and most vegetable oils making it the primary EP additive for multiple product lines.
PE 1315 (formerly named Polartech® PE 1315)
A multifunctional aromatic phosphate ester additive providing anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.
Soft paste phosphate ester at room temperature, which can replace PE 2110 in a wide variety of applications, especially effective on aluminum.
C8 – C10 alcohol phosphate ester primarily used in the Oilfield industry.
PE 2550 (formerly named Polartech® PE 2550)
Low foam polymeric ester. Specifcally designed for hard metal machining such as titanium.
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